Using latest stable Docker CE with CircleCI


How to make sure that CircleCI uses the same stable Docker CE version for building images that is available from official repository?



The way I would do this is to make the official Ubuntu repo your build image, and then install Docker in there (e.g. apt-get install From there you can do your building, and whenever there are updates in the parent image/repo (including to Docker) you will get them automatically.


#3 is not the recommended way to install Docker CE, and the link above doesn’t reference it.



It was the old name for Debian. Looks like the docs changes in Jan



Yes, indeed. I used to use in my Ubuntu/Mint environments before switching to using a live repo feed to pull the latest Docker updates directly. I forget what I used most recently.

@abitrolly I wonder though whether I misunderstood the question. I assumed “the … stable Docker CE version … that is available from official repository” meant the Ubuntu repository, not the Docker repository. The version of Docker in Ubuntu will always lag behind latest Docker stable, and I thought that was what you wanted.

If your question is that you want to get the latest Docker CE, then add the Docker repo to your Ubuntu build server, do a apt-get update && apt-get upgrade and then install Docker in the way the manual recommends.

If this does not answer your question, would you expand on what you are looking to achieve?



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