Using BitBucket and GitHub simultaneously

I am working on 2 projects, one of them is hosted on bitbucket and one on github. That requires me to always log out and log in with different provider when I want to see the results or build queue of the other project. That itself is not bad and I understand changing it would take hours probably for a very little gain.

However when I log out from github account, log in with my bitbucket account and click on “Workflows” icon in left menu, the UI switches from current organization to the 1st organization that I have on github account (i have dozens of them). I then need to switch again to current organization in bitbucket.

I think there is some kind of caching which is not expired properly between login/logout of different providers.

I wonder, as a workaround, could you set up one to hold read-only mirror repos of the other?

Is it everyone else’s experience that you can only see the projects relating to the provider you’re signed in as? I have the same experience as @paneq: despite connecting GitHub, I could not see my GitHub projects until I signed out of BitBucket and re-authenticated with GitHub.


Aha, the above is not necessary. There is a context switcher menu on the top left, and I had mentally filtered that out, as I’d not needed it before :grinning:.

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