Unclaimed task number being zero while numerous CI jobs are queued

Today, we observed significant delays among all our CI jobs running on self hosted runners despite having remaining concurrent self hosted runner quota: our limit is 20, and we only observed up to 4 self hosted runners running.

When trying to debug this, I observed that the CircleCI container agent appeared to be “slacking”. It could not get any unclaimed pending jobs.

So I poked around the self hosted runner API myself. To my surprise, the following API call gives me a response of 0 unclaimed task:

 curl -X GET https://runner.circleci.com/api/v3/runner/tasks\?resource-class\=<our resource class> \
    -H "Circle-Token: $CIRCLE_CI_PAT"



In the meantime, I swear we have tens of jobs that’s Not Running and have the Queued timer counting.

What could be the cause of this?

It would be best to raise a ticket directly to support as they have direct access to your account and system details.

The forums are operated more as a self-help area with volunteers (such as myself) and CircleCI staff when they have time.

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Curious to know this. I might have also come across this in our pipelines before. Could you also post the solution / diagnosis for future reference here.