Unable to view all builds for an org in new UI

The old UI allowed me to view all the builds of an org:

The new UI shows an indicator that it should be possible (with a warning), but I was actually not able to get it working (no option to deselect the currently selected project!):

This is important because we often have redundant builds we’d like to cancel in order for newer builds to finish faster!

Hi @arekkas!

We are currently investigating the ability to have a similar view in the new UI where you can view the builds of multiple projects, however at the moment you won’t be able to select more than one.

We also have an open feature request that you can add your vote to and provide a comment on your use case for the feature. If you add your vote to the request you will automatically be updated on the progress.

In the meantime, you will need to utilize the old UI to get the full list of ongoing builds. I hope that helps clarify!

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Yep @arekkas as an update, we are close to polishing off that cross-project view right now and will be rolling it out soon. Keep your eyes peeled!