View workflows across *all* projects?

I’m frustrated by the apparent lack of the ability in the new UI to show pipelines for all projects (within, say, an Organization). I’m essentially expecting an “All Projects” item in the project filter dropdown. In the legacy UI the “all jobs” view was my go-to for monitoring build status for our application, which is split across multiple repositories, now I can’t find an intuitive way to view the most recent builds for our organization regardless of project. Given the other filters have an “All” item, I’m baffled why this isn’t also present in the projects filter.

This may be related to the topic @thisjustin started today (titled “View all jobs?”), but it’s not clear from the wording whether they are referring to viewing all jobs within a project or using “jobs” as synonymous with “pipelines”.


Thanks @phalverson, just DM’d youa link in the hopes we can set up a formal UX session to talk through this. We’re building this cross-project view shortly but want to run the designs by some users to make sure we’re solving the problem you’re describing.

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