New UI showstoppers

Came here to echo what others are saying:

“There is no way to see currently running jobs across all projects. This is a vital aspect of the old UI that allows me to view everything going on across the whole company.”

If I can’t see all my projects on one screen I cannot use CircleCI. The whole reason I come here is to see what everyone on my team is building and manage it. If I have to click on each project to tell what’s going on then I’m going to have to switch to something else.

Also we are super confused that build number has been replaced with pipeline number. We tag all our builds with the build number and the inability easily see the build numbers in a list means we can’t figure out what to deploy. The fact that the pipeline numbers are similar integers but not quite the same sequence is super dangerous and causing us to deploy the wrong builds.



Thanks @apoland. Looks like we just connected via HotJar feedback as well. Looking forward to running through the designs to fix this with you next week.