No queue info in new UI?

Seems like when a build gets queued behind other builds, it’s not possible to see the queue in the new UI, which is annoying, partly because I’d like to know which other projects are consuming the available executors, and partly because it would give me an idea of how long I was going to wait.

Secondly, if you switch to the test tab, it says something like “your build is running” which, y’know, it isn’t.


This is pretty annoying because with the old UI, you could view all projects in one view, so it was possible to see which builds are running in front of the queue. With the new UI, you can only view one project at a time (you can only select one project in the filter dropdown).


I actually find this more than pretty annoying. My organization has hundreds of repository, and I can’t find out why jobs are queued anymore. This is pretty close to a deal-breaker, CircleCI.


Hey all, just a heads-up that we are in the process of building a cross-project view so you can see all pipelines running across the organization. Attached is a preview of what this will look like. Will this solve the problem you are experiencing?

We are also implementing a type-to-search functionality in the project picker to help you search for and select a specific project faster.


This cross-project view will not solve the problem I’m having.

Occasionally when a lot of people are committing things at once my jobs get stuck in queues. I need a UI that shows me the queue of jobs in descending order, with the time that they have been waiting. This way I can see exactly how many jobs are in front of me (this is the one scenario where the workflow view is irrelevant) and whose jobs they are, in case I need to contact them about it.


Why are you so insistent on keeping everything in one row? It’s ugly. It breaks long names/commit messages/branch names haphazardly into multiple lines etc.

The old view showed all that info, and more (for example, it didn’t need to hide the rerun button behind a dropdown view, had a link to the specific commit in VCS etc, had “X mins ago” instead of just “X mins” even though that’s not really what people want etc.)