Typo of "per month per month" in org settings

Just a typo (I assume): on the organisation settings page, next to the input box where you select how many paid containers you’d like, it says “paid containers at $50 per month per month + 1 free container”.

I assume the repeated “per month” is a typo.

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Maybe has been fixed or could be a bug showing for different auth, ie Github vs Bitbucket, but I don’t see the typo. As of right now, the Plan Overview page on the organisation settings currently shows:

Paid: $xxx per month for x Paid + 1 Free Containers

Bug happens here too. You have to click on “Add containers” and then add a non-zero value in the input box to see it.

0 containers results in a price of “free”, 1 container results in a price of “$50 per month”. Since these values both have “per month” added to them, the duplication occurs.

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