Changes to storage pricing predicted to increase our bill 15x

Regarding the recently announced pricing for storage and network transfer. Based on the usage statistics reported on our plan usage, we’re facing a 15x increase in our bill.

Can we please have a statement if this is fact correct? If it is we need to start moving our workload immediately to avoid blowing our CI budget.

I submitted a support ticket 2 days ago with no response so far.

We are also introducing network data transfer, storage, and build timeouts as part of your plan:

Network: 5 GB/month included 
    This includes runner jobs, but also any other jobs that utilize networks, such as downloading artifacts and test results.
    Any job that incurs network egress usage beyond the threshold incurs a fee of 420 credits/GB ($0.252/GB). 

Storage: 2 GB/month included
    Activities that utilize storage include saving caches and workspaces in jobs, uploading test results, and building artifacts.
    Storage beyond the monthly threshold is charged at 420 credits/GB ($0.252/GB).

I have seen this on Twitter but still no formal communication if there has been an error.

Hi @brettmason-tracmap! Thanks for your patience. We don’t expect your bill to jump like that. The person on Twitter had a bug that showed the wrong pricing for them. It’s possible yours was in that category too. I’m happy to look into it more if you need!