Data Retention Policy Update

CircleCI is announcing an update to our data retention policy for build data. Build data includes information on all pipelines run, workflows within those pipelines (including reruns), and jobs within those workflows which can be seen in the CircleCI UI or retrieved via the API. We are making this change to ensure our build systems remain performant and reliable as we, and our customers, grow. Starting on June 30th, 2022 we will retain build data based on your plan for the following windows:

  • Free Plans: 90 days
  • Performance and Custom Plans: 180 days
  • Scale Plans: 2 years

Between now and June 30th, 2022 Free, Performance, and Custom plan customers will be able to retrieve 2 years’ worth of build data by filing a support ticket. After June 30th, 2022 we suggest proactively retrieving the data via the API and storing it if you would like to access data outside the plan window. You may do this either manually or with a Scheduled Pipeline. Once outside the retention window of the plan, the data will be gone and unable to be accessed.

Note: Build data is separate from other data that is stored on CircleCI such as workspaces, caches, and artifacts. Those items are governed by their existing policies which can be user set.

Given you’re taking away something, would it not be nice to at least provide a sample script (or two) that shows how one would “retrieve the data via the API … manually or with a Scheduled Pipeline”?

I’m sure I’m not the only one using CircleCI because of the ease of use and the UI. I don’t really have a good starting point for writing this myself…