Long queue time for Circle 1.0 :(


I’m aware of the context, and still find it super frustrating.

We haven’t run a build all day… what are we paying for?!

00:00 waiting + 1:24:33 in queue

edit: clearly it was worth griping… build started 5mins later


Do you have a migration to 2.x planned?


Yes, that’s in progress (it’s a non-trivial project, not my department), but meanwhile, we deploy every day :frowning:


I dunno, I’ve some sympathy for CircleCI here. There’s been around a year’s notice about the 2.0 change.

I agree that staying on top of CI is not trivial - my general advice is, where possible, get as many people trained up on your CI solution as possible. Having only a small number of people who can fix it is a business risk, IMO.



I understand the frustration. As we are ramping down the 1.0 builder and will be shutting them off soon there is little we can do about this.

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