Trigger PR build in organization after failing user build

I didn’t realize it until my builds stopped running, but my builds were running from my account following my fork instead of when pull requests were made to the source project. The builds are failing now because my account doesn’t have enough parallelism, but the org does.

Following the below article I un-followed my fork, but I don’t see the org’s project from my account and the PR still isn’t showing up in org. Below are the latest pull requests, but my pull/3188 isn’t there.


It sounds like your project is linked to the fork and not the organization’s source project, making your fork appear as the “master” project for the organization.

Can you confirm that following :

  • You are following the source project on GitHub
  • The organization is following the source project on CircleCI
  • The organization has “Only Build Pull Request” turned on for the project

If you are still seeing this issue, can you please submit a ticket to We are happy to help you get this issue resolved.

Hi Henna, thanks for the response.

  • I am indeed following the source project on GitHub.
  • The org is definitely following it’s own project; that is no one else on the team is having issues except me.
  • The org does not have “Only build pull requests” turned on, but I don’t know that we need to do this? Again I’m the only one having issues with PRs not building.

I’ll go ahead and open a ticket with support. If I figure it out I’ll try to report back here for others.

Sounds good! You might also want to try re-authenticating via GitHub. You can do this by doing the following:

  • logging out of CircleCI
  • Navigating to his GitHub Setting page : . Click “Authorized OAuth Apps” and revoke CircleCI.
  • Clear your cache & cookies.
  • login to CircleCI from a fresh browser & Authenticate via GitHub.

Thanks again Henna, I didn’t get the chance to try that out, but Fern (through the support email) seemed to get things going again for me. Based on what was said, I’d be willing to bet your last comment would work, so hopefully if someone else has this issue they can try it out and confirm here.

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