GitHub checks don't seem to be triggering on open PullRequests


I’ve enabled GitHub integration for CircleCI Checks on the following repository: and used Workflows as recommended.

The good news is that pushes to the master do indeed trigger the CircleCI builds.

The bad news is try as hard as I might – I can’t seem to be able to make CircleCI build on Pull Requests.

Can somebody please advise?


Hi there! Is this a forked PR? You have those disabled in

Also, if the fork owner is running the project on CircleCI, the jobs will run under their account and not under the parent until the PR is merged.

That was it @drazisil – thank you so much – not sure how I missed that setting.

Now that I enabled it – the build got triggered – so that’s good. But then the build failed for internal CircleCI reasons (couldn’t allocate a VM) and I didn’t get any notifications on the PR:

Am I missing something still?

No, that is our current incident.

It should run soon.