Circle CI builds do not trigger on Pull Requests of some particular users

First of all, thanks for such an awesome service that you guys provide.

We have set up a very specific workflow in our Open Source Organisation, EinsteinPy. You can have a look how the CircleCI builds trigger on a Pull request here:

But whenever there is a Pull Request from Varunvaruns9 , the builds do not trigger. See this Pull Request :

This is of so much concern to me, as most of the important checks are being run only in Circle CI.
Please help me get it sorted.

I amended the last commit and re-pushed which seems to have triggered circle ci.

But it generally doesn’t get triggered in your Pull Requests. Can someone please explain this?

What is your setting for the following in Settings -> Advanced?

Build forked pull requests

Run builds for pull requests from forks. CircleCI will automatically update the commit status shown on GitHub’s pull request page.

I think this might default to off.

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One of the users in my organization is having this same problem. Any help here?