"Trigger Event" column in CircleCI website's pipeline list doesn't list the trigger

If you look at the list of pipelines on CircleCI’s website, the “Trigger Event” column doesn’t actually say what triggered the pipeline (e.g. related to << pipeline.trigger_source >>).

If a pipeline is triggered by a commit, it shows the branch name, commit SHA, and commit message, which is fine. However, if a pipeline is triggered by a schedule, it basically looks the same – though showing only the branch name and commit sha. This makes it hard to distinguish between pipelines triggered by commits and pipelines triggered by a schedule.

In the example screenshot below, the first row is the pipeline triggered by a schedule, and the second row is the pipeline triggered by a commit. In the case of a scheduled pipeline, it seems like it would be better if the “Trigger Event” column included the trigger name somewhere. The trigger name is the name given to the trigger in the “Project Settings > Triggers” section.

Screen Shot 2024-02-13 at 8.34.00 PM