Trigger CircleCI Pipeline: A GitHub Action for triggering CircleCI

To make it even easier to kick off your CircleCI pipelines from any event on GitHub, our team built the Trigger CircleCI Pipeline Action, which is now available in the GitHub Marketplace.

Learn more about how to utilize GitHub Actions in sequence with CircleCI on our blog.

There are a variety of ways to utilize GitHub Actions in sequence with CircleCI that allow you to automate aspects of your version control system through Actions, while also benefiting from features like SSH debugging and test splitting, as well as robust CPU and RAM options and GPU and Arm support, that are only available in your CircleCI pipelines.

Hi there! I am working on two github repos in different Github orgs. For example: I need a github actions workflow from to trigger a circleci workflow in In essence, the CCI_TOKEN will be from a project in circleci orgb. Is such a flow supported out of the box by this?

Hey @harshp
This functionality doesn’t exist yet but we could add it!

Would you mind creating a feature request and give us some more details about the use-case you are attempting to solve for?

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Hi @KyleTryon Here’s my best attempt at being detailed. Request: Add ability to trigger another org's circleci pipeline · Issue #14 · CircleCI-Public/trigger-circleci-pipeline-action · GitHub

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