Trigger Build with Workflow from API

Is this still being worked on? In order for our team to use Workflows we need to be able to trigger them via the API, as we use Phabricator.

Any guidance here would be much appreciated. Especially now that 1.0 is deprecated

Hey Cory,

This is on the roadmap, but there is no ETA.

Could you tell me more about your use case?

Hey @levlaz thanks for getting back to me!

We use Phabricator for code review, and HarborMaster for trigger builds for our changes using the CircleCI API to kickoff the build. We’d like to be able to use workflows to orchestrate our mono-repo build. The build involves a java backend, building a few frontend projects, running unit tests involving the projects individually, and also running integration tests which involve both the frontend and backend. We’d like to orchestrate it as a series of different jobs that have results re-used to allow increased parallelism and make our tests faster.

Do you have any workarounds for integrating with Phabricator and making use of the new CircleCI 2.0 workflows?

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