Sending parameters to an API triggered workflow

I’m trying to get CircleCI 2.1 integrated with Phabricator. I’ve got it working where the build on phabricator properly triggers the right workflow via the instructions here:

The problem is that Phabricator needs us to send them a message telling them the build has either passed or failed, and in order to do that, we need to pass in the ID of the phabricator build. I was hoping to be able to just pass that in the initial API call, but the Trigger a new build by project API doesn’t allow build_parameters. Is there another way to do this? Either through circleci or bypassing circleci in some way.

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Not yet, but we are working on adding parameters to api triggered runs.


hello, any update when we can trigger a job using the api and passing some custom parameters?


I was able to pass FOO with:

curl -u ${MY_TOKEN}: -d build_parameters[CIRCLE_JOB]=ETC -d build_parameters[FOO]=bar

Edit - oh you’re talking about a workflow, not a job