Triggering Jobs w/ Api - Build parameters missing

It seems that the api for triggering build have stopped getting the build_params.
might be related to the fact, that a single job (build) is no longer triggered but a workflow with the build job as the only job.

Please try again - we were doing an incremental rollout that was pulled back which may have been the cause of this.

thanks! seems to work now.

should we expect changes to the api in the future? is there some doc i can use to start preparing?

Our hope is changes on this front are totally invisible to you. We are planning to announce that several of our v2 endpoints are “stable” quite soon, including triggering of pipelines, which will eventually supplant the triggering mechanism you’ve been using. But there won’t be any near-term disruptions. We are doing some under-the-sheets plumbing to make it possible for you continue to use the existing triggering endpoint while using “pipelines” - the only visible change here will be that build parameters will end up injected via config processing, but that should not interrupt any of your builds (it’s a cosmetic change to how we get the parameters into the runtime). This morning we were doing a small rollout to test and caused a handful of the problem you reported. It shouldn’t happen again.

@ndintenfass Has this issue been resolved? I am experiencing a similar issue this morning, where build parameters are not being passed into the build.

EDIT: It appears to have started working again

That’s odd. Were they not in the job or not in the response?

This announcement went out this week:

You can now trigger pipeline first class and use parameters that can be resolved at trigger time (meaning you can use those variables anywhere in your config, effectively, not just in job steps). This would require some tweaks to your config.yml, but we are encouraging everyone to start using the new triggering API in v2 as soon as practical.

We are hoping to get everyone using the job triggering endpoint in 1.1 to move over in the next couple of months. If that will be problematic, don’t panic, but if you foresee a problem do please reach out here or to your account team at CircleCI if you have one.

I will have to take a look at that endpoint.
@ndintenfass This issue occurring for us again. Just wanted to tag on this post for historical tracking.
We haven’t made any changes to the process.

In response to:

That’s odd. Were they not in the job or not in the response?

They were not in the response nor in job