Trigger a new Build by Project (preview) custom parameters

It’s been almost a year and the current status of the “Trigger a new Build by Project” is still listed as “preview” while not supporting custom build parameters.

I specifically need to use this endpoint while also needing to pass custom build parameters.

Are there any plans to add this functionality?

I think you’re referencing the v1 API docs, which indeed does not support custom parameters. The v2 API docs show the updated endpoint on the new API which does support pipeline parameters. Note that you cannot arbitrarily define the parameters when making the request as you could previously. You must define the pipeline parameters in your config first, and then you can adjust the values with each request.

Thanks for the info.

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As a followup question, is it possible to have CircleCI track PR branches such that they could be passed as the branch parameter when triggering a workflow, or are PR branches only able to be built by CircleCI when “BUILD ONLY PR BRANCHES” is enabled at the CircleCI project level?

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