The job status from a rebuild in the Builds screen looks wrong


I think I have found a bug. I have a repo called missive-integration that has two schedule triggers and one commit trigger. I have highlighted some mentions of it in my Builds screen, below:

You can see the penultimate build (487) failed, and then I made a change in a different repo (missive-interface) and then did a rebuild on missive-integration. This succeeded in build 488, which is green in the main body in the image.

However, you can see that the status on the left is still failed, which I think is wrong.

Things to note:

  • the commit hash for the repo missive-integration is of course the same between 487 and 488, since the latter is a rebuild of the former. I’m hoping the build status is not cached against the repo hash!
  • a workflow containing this build job was failed at the time of screen-shotting this
  • while writing this post, a scheduled trigger fired on missive-integration and reset the left-hand indicator to green
  • also, prior to the scheduled build that made the sidebar item go green, I had a project build badge of red (which was wrong) and it is still red now (which is also wrong)

Have I found some buglets? :slightly_smiling_face:


I should note that this sub-issue righted itself eventually - there seems to be a substantial delay between a build changing status and the build badge rendering correctly.