Test results not showing, even though created

My job:

  executor: cloudrail/default
    - attach_workspace:
        at: .
    - cloudrail/scan_terraform_junit:
        cloud-account-id: "..."
        cloudrail_api_key: $CLOUDRAIL_API_KEY
        plan_output_file: ./terraform/plan.out
        tf_directory: ./terraform
        junit-output-file: cloudrail-junit.xml
    - store_test_results:
        path: cloudrail-junit.xml

Generates a JUnit XML result, that gets stored:

Screen Shot 2020-11-23 at 1.04.46 PM

But somehow, the tests tab still show the link to documentation:

What am I missing?

I did look at other forum topics on the same matter, but they didn’t get any answers helpful to this case, so posting here.


Would you be able to share a link to an example job? If you haven’t it would be good to also upload the junit file as an artifact so you can inspect the generated structure of the file. If it doesn’t match the junit format expected by CircleCI we won’t be able to parse and display it. If you could run a job with thhe xml file uploaded as an artifact and share the link with me I can inspect it for you. There are some other reasons that this could fail, and you can read them more in depth in this support article.

Hi Fernando

I followed the article and moved the junit into a subfolder. I also had it download an artifact, and the contents looks fine. You can see it here: https://pastebin.com/DUFPPcCq

The build link is https://app.circleci.com/pipelines/github/indeni/cloudrail-demo/39/workflows/62bed66a-7604-47ce-ae37-970186a7cbb6/jobs/70/artifacts

Since that’s a public repo, you can also see my changes to the circleci config file:

Thanks for the help.


I didn’t notice this before but I see you’re pointing directly to the file.

      - store_test_results:
          path: test_results/cloudrail-junit.xml

Can you change it so that it points to the folder that has the test files?

      - store_test_results:
          path: test_results

Let me know if that doesn’t work for you.

Well, that got it to load the tests, but how do I actually see the list of tests? I only see this:

At the moment it only shows tests which fail. if you’d like to see all the tests which ran you could enable verbose logging in your test runner. That should display it in the console output of the job page.Would that work for you? If you think this could be improved i’m happy to create a feature request for our product teams to consider.

Sorry for the delay. I’ll use the option of verbose logging, thanks.