Test Result tab not visible

Hello everyone,
I am new to circleci and i have started working on an assignment. As a part of the assignment i need to respond to the following circleci issue.

Hi. I am trying to get my test cases to show up on CircleCI but it is not working. I have a fork of this project in my github account GitHub - mtedone/podam: PODAM - POjo DAta Mocker. I added the project to CircleCI and got a green build but the Test Results tab is empty.

I built code at GitHub - mtedone/podam: PODAM - POjo DAta Mocker using circleci and build was successful with all the tests passing. But i am unable to locate the “Test Results” tab. Can someone please point me out where exactly is the “Test Results” tab in circleci UI. I can see a tab named “Test Summary” at the top. And another named ‘TEST’ in the middle.

Please find the screenshot attached here.


Seems like community is sort of inactive.

Hello Ivish,

I am also stuck on the same.
Let me know if you know anything.


Sorry for the slow reply on this.

The ‘Test Summary’ tab only shows tests that have failed. You can find the test output for successful tests in the ‘Artifacts’ tab where the xml files generated by your tests will be stored.

Hope that helps,