CircleCi 2.0 does not upload test results

This phenomenon can be seen in this (private) build here:

23 PM

Relevant sections in my .circleci/config.yml:

  - run: rake test
  - store_test_results:
      path: test/reports
  - store_artifacts:
      path: test/reports

The build will upload the JUnit XML artifacts, but will not store them as test results, as seen below:

This used to work in the past (a few weeks ago), and it looks like something on the CircleCI side has caused this issue as there were no material changes to our circle config file.

We are also experiencing the same problem. Using rake test with minitest-ci. The store_artifacts step does upload results to the artifacts, and there is no errors from the upload via store_test_results which I believe is used to create the summary.

Is it breaking your insight builds? Currently my summary works but on the insight page it cannot find any test results