Struggling to enable CI on org-owned repository

I’m an owner of the substrate-developer-hub github organization. I’ve approved circle ci in github and I can see the organization’s repos in

When I click “Set Up Project” I’m taken to the page that allows me to copy a default config.yml. Initially I did not copy the default, but rather used the appropriate config for my project. I committed the config in the correct .circleci/config.yml location, pushed the change, and clicked the “Start Building” button.

The button turned grey(ish) and the text changed to “Building…” for a little less then 1 second, then it changed to “Failed”. No error message, nothing shows up in the “jobs” tab, no failed build. The only clue is this in the browser console (not sure whether it’s relevant)

Rollbaring: Error in SetupProject start build 
columnNumber: 216002
fileName: ""
lineNumber: 8930
message: "Was not able to successfully follow"
stack: "o/<@\n"

I retried with the default config file, and quadruple checked that the config file lives in correct location (even used diff).

I’m still not “following” the project. Same thing happens for every repo in that organization (even though I only care about one of them).

Any help greatly appreciated.

Well, updating Firefox from ESR to 67 got me past that issue. Now to figure out why the build actually fails.

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That’s very strange, and I’m glad you were able to solve it. Please let us know if we can help with the failures in any way.

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