Store_artifacts step makes browser sluggish/consume CPU

Have noticed in the new UI that store_artifacts steps that include many artifacts slow my browser tab to a crawl and make it consume 100% CPU while the text output is churning. This is on firefox/linux fwiw.

Interesting. I’m going to pass this along to our UI team so we can take a look. We haven’t heard any other reports like this yet. If it worsens, it wouldn’t hurt to submit a Support ticket so they can look into your account specifically.

If I hear anything back from the team in the meantime, I will post here!

Thanks again for this report! A support ticket was filed for this and I was able to replicate similar behavior on my end so I have opened a case with our engineering department.

For what it’s worth, it seems like this issue may be limited to Firefox, so using another browser in the meantime may assist here.

If you also encounter this and want additional details feel free to submit a support request and note this post and we can add you to the engineering case.