Speed up store_artifacts


During our workflow, one job store as artifact the allure reports we generate. There is 1000 files. My issue is that store_artifacts send the file one by one. So the job took 1 minute. Which is really big and slow down a lot our CI.

A workaround is to archive these files, and then it took less than 10 seconds to upload it. But doing this, we cannot navigate easily in the report we generate. You have to download the archive, open it and open the index.html file. Plus, you cannot share a link to a particular page of the report.

It seems crazy that such a simple task is not optimized. I would image CircleCI automatically compress the files, and uncompress once on the CDN.

Thanks for the feedback. There’s definitely some room for improvement here. I’ve found a few improvement requests on our ideas portal related to this:

It would be really valuable for us if you could vote on these ideas and leave a comment. Our product teams use the feedback here to help prioritize improvements.

If you have any other suggestions or ideas feel free to create them on https://ideas.circleci.com and share them here on the forum for further visibility and discussions around it.