New UI is loading forever and sometimes blanks out

Hi, the new UI hasn’t been a success from my side, it often takes a very long time to load, for example when trying to look at all the builds for a specific branch at<organization>/<respository>?branch=<branch> I’m often looking at this spinner until I lose my patience:


Reloading is usually not very successful either, but sometimes changing the branch using the dropdown seems to work. Worst case, for example when my laptop comes back from standby, it just gives me a blank page with “An error occurred on client”.

I’m using Firefox 76 on Linux, and I block all trackers such as hotjar and optimizely using Firefox’s built-in tracking protection + uBlock.

Issues mentioned above no longer seem to occur!

It does occur to me pretty often. I can send HAR if needed.

I’m attaching images as upload:// ids, since for some reason I can’t embed images. Hope it will work.
while it was still loading (a few minutes on loader screen)

after it is loaded