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Как исправить ошибка сборки - ваши тесты не пройдены на CircleCI

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How to fix a build error - your tests failed on CircleCI


К сожалению, большинство людей здесь говорят только по-английски.

If you’re having a build error, please provide your CircleCI configuration file (.circleci/config.yml) so that we can take a look.

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Error processing configuration (do not restart) how to fix the error #! / bin / sh -eo pipefail

Configuration not found in your project. Please refer to (The link was located to get started with your configuration.


Warning: this configuration was generated automatically to show you the message above.

Do not restart this work. Restarting will have no effect.


It looks like you dont have a valid configuration file in your repo. In order to run a build you need to have a file called .circleci/config.yml checked into your git repository.

Do you have this file? If so, please share it here because there may be some other issue with the configuration.

If not, please create it and make sure its committed to your git repository.

If you need help getting started, please check out the guide in the documentation.

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Where can i find this file?

You need to create a new file. This is the file that CircleCI uses to read and execute your build instructions.

Take a look at the structure of this project as an example.


Thank you for your help

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You are welcome, I am glad that I was helpful. Good luck in your CI journey!

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