(solved) Npm/yarn fail to install dependencies from package.json



Does anybody experience the same issue today? All my Node builds are failing - it seems that neither yarn, nor npm is able to properly install all dependencies listed in package.json. Every build you run - error (missing dependency) changes.

Everything runs fine outside CircleCI. My suspicion at the moment - it’s something about cache folder or filesystem in test container.

Example of error:
15 11 2016 06:24:16.348:ERROR [plugin]: Cannot find plugin “/home/ubuntu/web-admin/node_modules/karma-coverage”.
15 11 2016 06:24:16.353:ERROR [preprocess]: Can not load “webpack”, it is not registered!

But if you run again - it may complain about karma or socket.io or anything else. ‘npm i’ runs without errors but doesn’t install some of the deps

PS. I tried building (running npm i or yarn) in Linux and OS X - it works fine. The issue only happens in CircleCI


Was there a solution to this? I see (Solved) in the title.