Since the AWS outage, builds failing from 'docker-compose not found'

Our tests had been running successfully before the us-east-1 outage on 2021-12-07. From that point on, they all fail consistently because ‘docker-compose not found’ (see attached error output):

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Hi @donny-nyc, we’re experiencing the same issue. Which executor image are you using for your job?

With cimg/base:stable-20.04 our jobs were succeeding 20 hours ago but since then they’ve failed on docker-compose not being found. Our configuration has not changed, but the cimg/base image has been updated by CircleCI 20 hours ago.

Edit: I see that this is an intentional breaking change to a stable version by CircleCI, where docker-compose has been replaced by docker compose (Docker Compose v2 now in cimg/base).

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