Setup-project broken

When adding a new project from bitbucket and clicking ‘Set up Project’, a blank screen appears, nothing happens.

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Same here. I’ve tried everything (logout and login, re-auth circleci), nothing seems to work. (Github project in my case)

Ditto. On github, tried personal account, tried org account, nada.

Also tried turning off Privacy Badger and uBlock Origin. On that note, I’m surprised at the third-party tracking and advertising scripts being pulled into the app, e.g.,,,

Looks like I picked the wrong week to demo CCI for the execs.

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Ditto, tried everything that came to my head, made public a repo and other stuff.

This happens on my private circle account. When I tried it on my enterprise work account, it all works fine. Annoying coz that’s the account with live support.

Same here, happens for enterprise account. I am blocked!

Hmm, the URL in the image supplied by the OP does not match what I have (and mine works).

The format of mine (on GH) is For BitBucket, which also works, I have

What browsers are people using? I’m on Firefox/Mint. Does anyone get JS crashes in their browser console?

Are folks here having problems with a paid account or a free one? I’m on the free tier only.

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Ah, I wonder if a link is rendering incorrectly for people. I have just tried and it fails in the same way as the OP’s report. I suggest people try typing in the URLs as per my format above, and that might get them working again.

This solution worked for me. I’m using Chrome v71, no JS crash.
I have a free account.

Thanks @halfer

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“Set Up Project” button now resolves to the correct URL, and the page is no longer blank.

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Just to close the loop here, this was a UI bug that was shipped and reverted. Everything should be back to normal now. If you are running into this issue it is likely a separate problem, please open a new thread :slight_smile:

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