Setting up project on github fails with Repository access blocked

Hello there!
I’m new to circleci. I was trying to follow the Continuous integration with CircleCI course created by Github.
When trying to click setup project in CircleCi, it fails with a message in the console saying:
Repository access blocked. The image of the error is shown in the attached files.
Thanks in advance for your help.

You should also raise a support ticket, while free account holders only get a very basic level of support that can result in a few days delay, the support team will have better access to your account and its logs than any of the non-circleci staff or circleci staff that are not directly involved in the support team that try to help out where they can here.

Thank you for your response. I’ll do that.
Just wondering if this is a casual error that could happen before raising a support ticket.

Hello @Aym3n ,

Do you have “admin” access to the related repository?

The setup process involves adding a webhook to the repository settings in the VCS, as well as a Deploy SSH key.