Self-Hosted Runners lost token

I lost my token.

How do I get a reissue or delete it?

If you have lost the token you have to

  • create a new runner via the web GUI, with a new name and update all the jobs you have.

  • delete the old runner from within the GUI and via the cli - this is where it gets complicated as the documentation is very poor on the steps needed at the cli and the cli tool will only give --help hints when you enter the correct command-line options. The following are the notes I received from a member of the support team when having this issue in the past.

The management of runner resources is currently done via our CLI tool:

circleci runner resource-class list will list resource classes
circleci runner token list <resource_class> will list tokens and their ID
circleci runner token delete will delete a specific token by ID

More information on our CLI can be found on the following page:

< The second option will then allow you to create a new runner with the same name as the old runner and so removing the need to change all the job definitions >

As @rit1010 mentioned, If you have your token ID, you can follow the instructions listed on our FAQs to delete the resource class and token.

I will update that FAQ to include the instructions for the case where a token is lost. Thanks for pointing that out @rit1010.