Self hosted runner with python convenient image

Hello, I am running a circleci runner in rancher, with the circleci/runner:launch-agent image

my config.yml file is as

    resource_class: org/image
      - image: cimg/python:3.11
    executor: self-hosted-runner-rancher
      - checkout
      - run: python --version
      - run: poetry --version

job runs ok on the self hosted runner but i get cannot find python error when executing the job.

I tried to print out some directory it seems that the /home/circleci that is supposed to have everything installed is almost empty.

I also checked the spin up environment when the job runs

Build-agent version 1.0.201958-70b11e93 (2023-09-13T21:15:54+0000)
Launch-agent version 1.1.61159-5cc5283 (41e995a0aa2b)
it only has this and does not mention that any python is installed. 

why is the docker image not installed?

I have tried writing the resource_class and everything in what is recommended in the documentation, but it has the same outcome. Dun think is syntax related