REST API to fetch the pipeline configuration before the pipeline has run


Are there any APIs available (or planned) to fetch the pipeline configuration (for eg: the workflows present) and the jobs details before the pipeline runs for the first time?

The following API needs a pipeline-id:

I want to get the config data even before the pipeline runs (eg: get the workflow and job details from the config.yml file)

Thank you!

Hi @deepaannjohn and welcome to our developer’s forum!

As you rightly said, we use the pipeline details for triggered pipelines, such as the pipeline ID, to populate our API.

While this is not currently possible, I do encourage you to submit this feature request to our Ideas board:

Our product managers regularly review these feature requests, and if you submit or vote for a feature request, you will automatically be updated if the feature is shipped.

Thank you!

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Thanks @annapamela. I have raised a feature request.

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