View of specific pipeline in CircleCI 2.1 UI, by ID or number?

This is a CircleCI 2.1 application/interface question.

I can see a list of my pipelines, on this view:{owner}/{project}/pipelines

Each pipeline has a visible number, and I can expand the row to see the jobs within a workflow. Each of those are clickable, as is the single workflow my pipeline has. The URL for a specific workflow looks like this:{owner}/{project}/pipelines/{pipeline_id}/workflows/{workflow_id}

My question is, is there a way to view the pipeline itself on its own web page? I’ve tried the above URL with the pipeline_id at the end, and also the pipeline number, but neither of those worked for me.

Hello Dale,

You can see the information of this Pipeline by clicking the small arrow next to that pipeline number. I have forwarded your request to our design team to see if adding that page is something we are looking into :+1: Thank you.

Thanks Kyle.

My reason for asking about this is, we have a Slack command we built which triggers CircleCI jobs. We return a link to the build back to the user. We’re converting the tool to trigger pipelines now, so I’d like to do something similar.

We could provide a link to the workflow(s), but Slack limits you to 3 seconds, so there’s not really enough time to trigger the pipeline and then do subsequent GET calls to retrieve the Workflow data.

For your use-case, would an API endpoint which returns to you an array of workflows in a pipeline resolve this?

I believe you have that already:
GET /pipeline/{pipeline-id}/workflow

The reason I’m not making the extra call to that is just because of the 3-second limit imposed by Slack. I was looking for the quickest way possible to route the user to their specific build.