Get All PIpelines by Org-slug and project-slug yields different results

The List All Pipelines (CircleCI API) and GetAllPipelines for Project (CircleCI API) appears to be returning a very different set of results - the former returns about a couple of hundred while the latter many tens of thousands. Is this expected?

Additionally, is it possible to retrieve the pipelines by project by a date range? Do not see this in the API. Unless this is available, we will have to retrieve all the pipelines all the time which can be time consuming.

Thanks in advance!

Hi @sanimesa,

These are two separate endpoints, so indeed they have a different behaviour.

  • Get a list of pipelines returns all pipelines for the most recently built projects (max 250) you follow in an organization

  • Get all pipelines returns all pipelines for the project specified in the project-slug parameter.

Currently, it’s not possible to filter the response of either of the above endpoints via an API parameter. However, you could use a command-line JSON processor like jq and some scripting to extract specific data.

If you’d like you can also create a feature request and describe your use-case.