"Repository not found" error when using CircleCI API

I’m trying to trigger builds via the CircleCI API, and am working through the documentation where there’s the following command for retrieving a repository’s summary:
curl -u https://circleci.com/api/v1.1/project/bitbucket/veliakiner/kopernio

But in response I get "message" : "{\"type\": \"error\", \"error\": {\"message\": \"Repository {525c0733-0978-41c8-98fe-c08278476c7f}/kopernio not found\"}}"

Despite the fact that the repo is listed in the /me endpoint.

I am not a repo admin, and the project uses CircleCI 2.1.

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Do you have write-access to the project? do all commands trying to interact with that project fail, or only this one?

I believe write access to the project, yes. And all commands interacting with that project fail.