Project not found error message while Triggering Job API

I’ve been using the
curl -u ${CIRCLE_API_USER_TOKEN} \ -d build_parameters[CIRCLE_JOB]=deploy_docker \<vcs-type>/<org>/<repo>/tree/<branch>
command from the my terminal. And getting the error message
“message” : “Project not found”

I’m following the article I created my Circleci API token and I’ve provided the the vcs, org, repo and branch into the API. Also our config.yml is on 2.0.

Unsure how else to approach this issue. Maybe someone can clarify? Let me know if you need more information.


Hello, did you fix it? I’m having the same issue when trying to subscribe to a project using the API. :confused:

Hey Roel I was able to fix this issue

-d build_parameters[CIRCLE_JOB]=deploy_docker

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