Project Not Found error when using the Circle API

I currently am running the shell script and keep getting the error “message” : “Project not found”. I confirmed that my token works by using it for other api calls. I should also have access because I can see the projects within my UI. I have tried replacing with the org name and replacing with org id along with replacing with the project name and replacing with project id. I still cannot get a successful call. I had to put because I cannot have link in the topic.

curl --request GET
–url /api/v2/project/bitbucket//
–header “Circle-Token: ”

curl --request GET
–url /api/v2/project/bitbucket/org/project
–header “Circle-Token: token”

also ignore the last sentence. it removed what i had inbetween my less than and greater than signs

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Hi @craju1 does it work for you now? tnx! Olaf

it does not.