Rename GitHub repositry and keep CircleCI history

I want to rename repositries that use CircleCI.

Current, I have two repositries

  • abcd_website : uses CircleCI.
  • abcd_website_renewal : uses CircleCI.

Then, I want to rename these to

  • abcd_website_archived : from abcd_website
  • abcd_website : from abcd_website_renewal


Can I keep CircleCI history and relation with repositories.

According to next question, CircleCI seems keep its history with related repositories.


We’ve made improvements with this, but renames are still a little tricky. Everything should work fine, please let us know if you encounter anything strange.

Thank you! I will try it.
And if I encounter problem, I will report it.


I renamed repositories on the GitHub.

abcd_website => abcd_website_archive
abcd_website_renewal => abcd_website

By the way,

Current abcd_website_archive GitHub repo

  • was abcd_website GitHub before.
  • is not connected any on Circle Ci.

Current abcd_website

  • was abcd_website_renewal GitHub before.
  • is connected to abcd_website on Circle Ci.
    • Envrionment vars
    • Build History
    • Notification Slack Setting
  • They are values and settings for old abcd_website that is abcd_website_archive now.


Is it correct behavour?

And I need update environment settings to manage abcd_website that was abcd_website_renewal?
Are there any way to change?

Can you open a ticket with the project names so we can take a look?

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