Changing orgs and moving to EMU, but keeping the name


We are currently migrating to Github Enterprise Server and EMU users, however we will be keeping the org name. How will CircleCi handle this, and how to we make sure our new EMU users still have access to CircleCI? We are using the Github OAuth App.

So what will happen:

  • We will transfer everything from org xyz to xyz-new
  • Then xyz will be renamed to xyz-old and xyz-new will be renamed to xyz. So externally the URL will be the same.
  • We will have to reinstall the Github OAuth App in the new org
  • We will all receive new EMU users who do not have a CircleCi account


  • How will CircleCi handle this, do we get to keep the same org env variables and context in CircleCi?
  • How will our new Github accounts access CircleCI and link to this CircleCi Org?