How to change our CircleCI to point to a new GitHub account

Hi all,

We’re migrating our codebase from several repositories to a new, combined Github repo. In other words, going from to

How can I update this in our CircleCI settings? The repository structure will remain the same for each, as will our GitHub account used when connecting from CircleCI.

Hello @larryquantz - Welcome to our CircleCI Community!

CircleCI inherits all organization repositories, settings, and user permissions from your VCS, GitHub in this case. GitHub will regard your new organization as a new entity which means CircleCI will also see as a new organization. Each repository would have to be set up as a new project in CircleCI, including Project Level environment variables, contexts, and API tokens. Any build history for the project repository will remain in the organization.

If you have any further questions, please let us know!

Thanks Jonathan. Is it possible to have two organizations in my CircleCI project, so I can transition the keys etc to the new one?

Hello @larryquantz - My apologies here - it appears my response did not post to this thread way back in October!

You likely already found the answer before now, but in case you have not, No it is not possible to have one single project (repository) with equal organizations. These would be viewed as separate projects in separate organizations in GitHub, and as such, would be viewed as separate organizations/projects in CircleCI.