Project for a privately hosted bitbucket repository


I would like to set up a project to build from a bitbucket repository that is privately hosted (not a private repo in Atlassian’s server, but rather a privately hosted bitbucket repo). I signed into CircleCI with my github account (because I have one of those). When I click on “Add Project” in the menu I can select from my github projects of course, which makes sense. But I don’t see any option for creating an new project other than selecting one of my github projects. Is there any way to create a project and then associate a privately hosted bitbucket repo with that project? Even if I created a bitbucket account with Atlassian, I don’t think it would know anything about this privately hosted bitbucket repo, so I have not tried that yet.


I would guess that Bitbucket integration means repos at the standard domain, so I think the answer to this would be “no”. I would suggest creating a mirror repository at, free of charge, on which you base your CI.


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