[Product Update] Multiple configuration files per project

Orgs that integrate with CircleCI’s GitHub App can now use multiple configuration files within their CircleCI project.

How to

  1. Go to Project Settings in the CircleCI UI. Click the “Configuration” tab

  2. Click “Add configuration source”. Create and save a configuration source where we will pull your CircleCI configuration from

  3. Click on the “Triggers” tab. Click “Add Trigger”.

  4. Create a trigger and for the “Choose config to run” dropdown, use the configuration source that you created in step 2. Save the trigger.

Now every time you push to the repository that you selected, you should see a pipeline trigger using the new configuration source as well.

WARNING: We are currently working through a bug that affects this experience.

If multiple triggers exist that use different Configuration Sources, all triggers currently incorrectly use the same Configuration Source.

Will post an update on here as soon as this is resolved.

I can confirm that this is fixed when using different YML files within the same repository as configuration sources.

When using configuration files from external repositories, we are still experiencing some issues.