Each workflow getting triggered twice on code push

I have configured multiple workflows in my project, each dedicated for a subproject kept in the same github repository . Whenever I make any code commit to git repository it triggers each of the workflows twice. Ideally it should trigger each workflow once only. This was working properly earlier, recently this issue has started. Could anyone tell what is causing this issue.

Could you link to a build where this is happening? Perhaps also share the config.yml – that way folks outside of CircleCI can help to debug.

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Hi @Cormac, I deleted my config.yml file from repository and recreated it again. It fixed my issue without even a single change in config.yml. Still not sure what was causing this issue.

I’ve also started seeing this. Is there a known cause? Removing and re-adding the .config.yml does fix is but this is an unsatisfying solution, as we would need to disable the successful build check in our workflow and then re-enable it (as we could never merge the commit that removes the config).

We also see this. Stopping building the project through the web interface & starting it again solved the problem momentarily, but after three builds it appeared again.

Can’t share the config.yml as it’s a private repo :frowning:

After looking more closely, it turned out that the CircleCI webhook was set up twice for the GitHub repo (you can see this on the settings page of the GitHub repo -> Webhooks) . We’ll try how it works after removing one of them.

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