CircleCI starts two pipelines on the same branch for the same commit

Hi there,

Yesterday we found that CircleCI starts two pipelines on the same branch for the same commit.
We use config version 2.1, the “Enable pipelines” is enabled and “Only build pull requests”.

Is it normal behavior or the bug?

Many thanks!

Hi Maxim. This is usually a sign you have more than one webhook. Can you check the project settings on GitHub/Bitbucket and see if this is the case?

Hi Joe,
Thank a lot for the replay! Checking…

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@drazisil We’ve just checked the settings. We’ve got only one webhook ( and basically it has not been changed since we setup circleci on our project pretty long time ago.

Also we have 2 Status checks for our branch which includes build and test tasks from our circleci workflow. But still, we’ve got 2 workflows runs right after each PR merge today.

I took a quick look and don’t see anything that jumps out as to why this is happening. It looks like it started yesterday? Can I ask you to open a ticket so we can dig deeper?

Yes it is. Yes I can. Give me a couple of minutes. Thank you!

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@drazisil My colleague has opened the ticket # 49692.

Thanks a lot for your support!

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