Do I have to re-run previous failed pipelines after config is fixed?

I had an error in my config.yml that was there for the past 2 weeks so several pipelines failed, I noticed it today and fixed it, and I have a few questions:

  • Do I have to re-rerun those failed pipelines?
    ** If so do I have to update the config file for them individually?
    *** How do I do that? I get an error when trying to edit the file from the web gui “Cannot edit in read-only editor”

This depends on how you’re building (on each commit or only PRs, etc.) and how your project is setup. In theory though, if you push a change to your config file then it should start building on that branch.

Regarding your error, are you trying to push to a repo you don’t have access to? Have you verified that CircleCI is still attached to that repo?