Update on our rollout of pipelines functionality

As of June 1st, the rollout of our pipelines functionality is now complete. All builds on CircleCI.com now use pipelines internally in our system, even if you have not yet opted in to the new pipelines-ready UI.


  • Pipelines do not require using 2.1 config syntax. 2.0 config works with pipelines enabled.
  • There are no known issues of projects moving to pipelines.

Benefits of using pipelines

  • New CircleCI user interface
  • V2 API
  • Access to version 2.1 config, which provides:
    • The ability to use pipeline parameters to trigger conditional workflows
    • Reusable config elements, including executors, commands, and jobs
    • Over 115 pre-configured 3rd-party tool integrations available using orbs
    • Improved config validation error messages
  • You can now enable auto-cancel, within Advanced Settings, to abort workflows when new builds are triggered on non-default branches

Reruns of pre-pipeline workflows

Reruns of pre-pipeline workflows via the API or the old UI bypass pipelines. This will result in the workflow not showing up in the new UI, which we know is a source of confusion for some users. We do occasionally see customers rerunning very old workflows, in some cases over a year old, and these are the most likely to be affected.

If you are rerunning a pre-pipeline workflow and not seeing it in the new UI, there are two easy workarounds:

  1. Push a new commit to the relevant branch.
  2. Trigger a new pipeline on the branch using the API.

Rerunning a workflow in a pipeline will add the new workflow to the same pipeline. The new UI groups all workflows (including reruns) in a pipeline together, making it easy to spot workflows that are reruns. This can be useful to help track down flaky tests, for example.


If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to post them here.

Happy building!